Exclusive: Xavier Rudd Offers New Insight Into Album

5 June 2012 | 3:14 pm | Dan Condon

With Spirit Bird's release almost night, Xavier Rudd has gone through some more of the record for us today.

More Xavier Rudd More Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd has been good enough to give us another look inside his new record Spirit Bird, just days before its release.

He talks about Bow Down, a song he says is rather self-explanatory, but recounts the tale of recording the song and the sense of community that was felt among all who were involved in the recording. He says that everyone's unique buzz, mixed with the unified spirit that was present, all contributed so much to the recording.

When referring to Follow The Sun, he calls it “a real fluffy track” with a laugh. Another song borne from a riff Rudd was jamming on for some time, he didn't anticipate it sticking around for long, but then says that inspiration came to him like a purple cloud. Rudd issues a plea to people to begin spending time thinking about the earth and the creatures we share it with, hoping he may be able to inspire “better living practices”.

Spirit Bird is out on Friday, Rudd will tell us about a couple more tracks before then so stay tuned.

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