Exclusive: Xavier Rudd's Cockatoo Run-In Inspired New Album

1 June 2012 | 12:59 pm | Dan Condon

Xavier Rudd takes us through three more tracks from his Spirit Bird album today, discussing his struggle with injury and hallucination following an intimate moment with a cockatoo.

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Earlier this week Xavier Rudd sent us the first of a series of track-by-track explanations about his new album Spirit Bird. He began with Lioness Eye, explaining how developed from a groove that he just couldn't shake and how important it was for him to get some bird sounds on the track, no matter how difficult capturing the sounds would be.

Today Rudd talks us through a few more tracks from the release as its Friday 8 June release date draws closer.

First up, Rudd explains the writing of Comfortable In My Skin happening after a long period of painting and listening to Iron & Wine and dealing with forced inactivity, something he struggled to come to terms with.

Rudd tells us that the making of the Spirit Bird record was akin to a two year long ceremony, which began in the Kimberley, where a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo looked into the depths of his soul. She started squawking after which Rudd began to have some visions… In talking about the title track itself he says that the second half of it rushed out of him one night in Canada, and the next morning he discovered something very bizarre and very sad.

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When speaking about his song Prosperwhich is a mix of music, dialogue and chants – he explains how sounds from New Orleans and traditional Australia come together to show the contrast between cultures.

Stay tuned to theMusic.com.au as Rudd takes us through the rest of his album over the next week.