Woman In Wheelchair Crowdsurfs & Stage Dives At Hardcore Music Festival

21 March 2023 | 3:08 pm | Mary Varvaris
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You know something is hardcore when hate5six calls a moment the "hardest sh*t I've ever seen"...

(Pic via hate5six)

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Hardcore music brings the best out of its audience. It’s heavy as shit music that brings people together, with a DIY punk ethos inspiring communities to come together in the name of aggressive music. 

At the LDB Fest in Louisville over the weekend, the fans and band playing at the time - Kublai Khan - joined forces to assist a badass fan in a wheelchair in achieving her dream of stage diving and crowd surfing.

As Sunny Singh, aka hate5six, documented in the footage below, Kublai Khan vocalist Matt Honeycutt and audience members helped the fan in her wheelchair up to the stage. 

When she touched the stage, she looked back at the crowd, pointed, and wheeled her way into the arms of a dedicated, compassionate audience, who guided her safely back into the group.

Hate5six captioned the video, “Hardest shit I’ve ever seen,” and it’s difficult to argue against that, even when he's documented chaotic sets from Lamb Of God, Power Trip, Harm's Way, Turnstile, Kruelty, Jesus Piece, Code Orange and stacks more of the hardest in hardcore music.

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the band, Kublai Khan turn hardships into hypnotic and heavy metalcore upheld by nimble metallic fury and pit-splitting spirit. 

Grinding for over a decade, the Texas four-piece put all their trials and tribulations into their latest album Absolute

From the aptly titled Self Destruct, which showcases the truth that humanity is heading towards an end of their own doing, to The Truest Love, which shines a light on the importance of responsibility in the family, there are no stones left unturned. The musical and lyrical violence makes these messages impossible to ignore.

LDB Fest was headlined by Terror and Knocked Loose. Elsewhere on the line-up were Drug Church, Gates To Hell, One Step Closer, Malevolence, and many more.

Last April, Kublai Khan released the Lowest Form Of Animal EP. Check it out here.