Why You Need To Get Your Hands (And Ears) On Jack White's New Album

23 March 2018 | 10:00 am | Staff Writer

Out everywhere today!

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After nearly four long years, rock music troubadour Jack White is back with his highly-anticipated third album, Boarding House Reach.

Heralded by leading singles Over & Over & OverCorporationRespect Commander, and Connected by Love, the LP sees the singer return in fine form, as explained in a review by The Music’s Bryget Chrisfield.

"This album could very well be White’s ode to the piano," Chrisfield says.

"Guitars are present, of course - White choosing to play a brand new Wolfgang Special and 5150 amp from Eddie Van Halen's signature brand on the record - but it’s a remarkably keys-driven set of songs."

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The new cut also features a uniquely Australian connection in the form of husky-voiced musician CW Stoneking.

The beloved Northern Territorian was first spotted in White’s mysterious album teaser trailer before his feature was gloriously realised in mid-album track Abulia & Akrasia.

"His storytelling prowess is undeniable. As is Stoneking’s ability to take us waaaaay back to a land that time forgot," Chrisfield says.

As Chrisfield details, it’s not until fans dive into the album that they will realise the uniquely Jack White-sized hole that’s been missing in the rock landscaped during the last several years.

"We were reminded how much we totally ache for White’s striking blue-and-black colour palette," Chrisfield explains.

"We’ve always considered Jack White to be a separated-at-birth contender for Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka and this collection of songs is as phantasmagorical as Roald Dahl's fictional character."

Boarding House Reach is officially available nationwide from today (23 Friday).

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