Voyager Give Sneak Peek Of Eurovision Song Contest Performance

3 May 2023 | 12:13 pm | Mallory Arbour

“Guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before!”

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Progressive pop metal act, Voyager has shared a preview of the staging for their performance at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. The Perth-based band will represent Australia with Promise.

“Guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before,” Eurovision captured on social media, sharing a series of photos alongside emojis of a mind exploding, Australian flag and car.

The explosive photos show the five-piece band matched in sequinned houndstooth clothing. Lead singer, Danny Estrin rocks a full suit with large 80s-style shoulder pads, while guitarist, Simone Dow wears the same bejewelled pants with a plain black shirt. Alex Canion (bass), Scott Kay (guitars) and Ashley Doodkorte (drums) can be seen in the background wearing similar outfits.

Also on stage is a car similar to the one in their 2019 music video for Colours, except this one has ‘PROMISE’ on the numberplate. The car sits in the middle of the stage while the screen behind shows a mountain range and sunset, as fireworks and dry ice goes off on either side of the stage.

Voyager will compete in the second semi-final on May 11 for a shot in the grand finale on May 13. Bear in mind, though, it is only the first rehearsal and staging is subject to change.

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It was first announced in February that Voyager would head to Liverpool for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. It is the first time in Australia's history with Eurovision, a band will represent the country.

Voyager have tried to score a slot at Eurovision since Australia's first year of participation in 2015. At last year’s Eurovision – Australia Decides, they took out second place in a nail-biting finish, leading the public vote with their song Dreamer.

"As a long-time Eurovision fan, this is the pinnacle - Voyager gets to play the greatest show on earth," Estrin commented in a statement. "Our song Promise is made for the Eurovision stage, and collectively we feel it's one of our best yet. We filmed the music video in both the city of Perth and beautiful parts of Western Australia to showcase the majestic beauty of our home state. Eurovisionation, we are coming!"

SBS Head of Entertainment, Emily Griggs said Voyager intertwines her love of '80s music and memorable lyrics. "Voyager bring together my love for the ‘80s and catchy lyrics that you can’t stop singing. I can’t wait to see Eurovision fans the world over embrace them as much as Aussie crowds have. Voyager have been determined to get centre stage for the biggest song contest in the world, and SBS knows they will bring that grit with them along with a whole lot of fun. Look out, Europe; the Aussies are coming!"

Director of Blink TV, Paul Clarke added, "Promise is a song that delivers in spades, from a band that never fails to impress. From the very first listen, I knew it was something special – an epic, cinematic track that will take listeners on an anthemic rock voyage all the way to the Eurovision stage. This year, Australia’s hopes are in the masterful hands of a band for the first time ever, and I can’t wait for Voyager to rock your socks off in Liverpool."

Music buff Myf Warhurst and comedian Joel Creasey will host the SBS coverage of EurovisionThe 67th Eurovision Song Contest will be held from Tuesday, 9 May - Saturday, 13 May 2023.