Voyager Face Some Competition With Germany's Metal Eurovision Pick

7 March 2023 | 11:48 am | Mary Varvaris
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Blood & Glitter is an awesome metal song worthy of the world stage.

(Lord Of The Lost via Facebook)

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Voyager aren’t the only metal band heading to the 67th Eurovision Song Contest this May: the German industrial metal outfit Lord Of The Lost are also bringing the riffs to this year’s competition.

Led by vocalist Chris Harms’ baritone clean tone, pianos, punchy riffs and drums accompanied by bright keys and screams that may unsettle some viewers, Blood & Glitter is an awesome metal song worthy of the world stage.

Blood & Glitter, the title track from their surprise album released in December last year, was released months ahead of schedule. Despite the lack of promotion with a last-minute release, the album still shot to #1 in Germany, following their June 2021 double album, Judas, which landed at #2. 

Lord Of The Lost’s profile has risen steadily since their formation in 2007. They have gone from Harms’ solo project, experienced line-up changes and found a sweet spot between industrial metal and anthemic rock music on their latest releases.

From May to July last year, the band supported Iron Maiden on their Legacy Of The Beast tour in Europe after being personally chosen for the opening slot by bassist Steve Harris.

The band said about their victory on Unser Lied für Liverpool, which led to their representation on Eurovision:

BLOOD & GLITTER is 'Our song for Liverpool'! THANK YOU, for everything! We are not the best band in the world (they already exist), but we are the band with the best fans in the world: YOU!

“Thanks also to everyone who made this show possible. Since there are too many names, summarized [sic]: NDR, ARD, Bildergarten TV, everyone orbiting in the orbit of this event and our crew! 

"And greatest respect, thanks and love to you: Anica Russo, René Miller, Will Church, Patty Gurdy, Trong, Frida Gold, Lonely Spring and Ikke Hüftgold. From day 1 of the rehearsals we lived the spirit of the ESC: UNITED BY MUSIC. With each other – not against each other.”

Check out the band’s winning performance below and listen to the album Blood & Glitter here.