Aussie Band Crack US Viral Playlist Following TikTok Phenomenon

27 July 2020 | 1:03 pm | Staff Writer

It just keeps getting bigger.

More Vacations More Vacations

The TikTok Skins obsession just keeps getting bigger and better for Aussie outfit Vacations.

The Newcastle band's track, Young, has been receiving some huge attention on the social media platform in recent weeks and it's proving to be one of the biggest in the US right now. 

The track has cracked the US Viral playlist on Spotify which are put together by metrics that take into account how often songs are shared. Young is currently sitting at #38 amongst some impressive company including Glass Animals and One Direction.

Speaking to The Music this month, Vacations frontman Campbell Burns admitted he isn't entirely sure why Young has resonated in such a massive way with Skins fans.

"We’ve seen that surge on our Spotify and other streaming sites," Burns said.

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"Our listeners have just skyrocketed and that song has just blown up more-so… It’s overtaken Relax, which has been our longest standing song. It’s actually kind of nice another song knocked that off. We’re gaining all these new fans, and this newfound appreciation."

Read the full interview with Burns here.