US Judge Urges Settlement Between Soundgarden & Vicki Cornell

9 March 2023 | 10:23 am | Mary Varvaris

The US judge said that the ongoing lawsuits are a "terrible distraction" that risk tarnishing the legacy of Soundgarden.

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A Seattle judge who’s a self-proclaimed fan of Soundgarden and the city’s grunge scene has urged Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicki, and the remaining members of the rock band to settle long-running lawsuits.

As Complete Music Update reports, in 2019, Vicki Cornell took the band to court, accusing them of withholding royalties from her late husband’s estate. Another lawsuit took place in 2021, with Vicki and Soundgarden arguing over her share of the business.

The two cases were consolidated into one, with Judge Robert S Lasnik currently overseeing proceedings after a previous judge ruled in the band’s favour and deemed Vicki Cornell’s allegations as lacking evidence.

Judge Lasnik told legal representatives at Law360 that the ongoing lawsuits are a "terrible distraction" that risk tarnishing the legacy of Soundgarden.

“She has her reasons for doing what she’s doing to protect herself and her children," Lasnik said. 

“You may disagree with those, and the band members may see it in a completely different way, but we have to get past the personal attacks if we want to really try to come to a resolution that provides for the best for her and her children and the best for the band.”

He also told both parties, “I am hoping you will heed my observation that this [legal battle] doesn’t do anyone any good in the long run.”

Chris Cornell passed away in 2017. It was a sudden and unexpected loss for his family and the music world at large.

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