Tommy Lee Shares Shocking Surgery Pics: ‘Hope This Doesn’t Wreck Your Lunch’

21 February 2024 | 12:53 pm | Mary Varvaris

After dealing with two debilitating hand conditions, Tommy Lee can twirl his drumsticks again.

Mötley Crüe @ Suncorp Stadium

Mötley Crüe @ Suncorp Stadium (Credit: Ryan Sebastyan)

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Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has shared gruesome photos of his hands post-surgery, with a warning here for graphic imagery embedded later in this article.

The musician needed surgery for a Dupuytren contracture (a condition that doesn’t allow fingers to straighten properly) and carpal tunnel issues to continue drumming for a long time. But he probably didn’t need to share open surgery photos that are bound to disturb some.

Alongside the photos, Lee wrote about the successful procedure on Instagram, “Well kids, it’s show n tell time… hope this doesn’t wreck your lunch.

“Only 3 weeks ago, I underwent a hand surgery by Dr Cohen Hand Surgeon. He addressed 2 debilitating issues for me as a drummer, keyboard player and pretty much everything to do with my right hand. And yesterday was fucking monumental for me to the point of tears …. I have my life back and my money makers. And for you drummers and musicians out there i can say it’s possible to fix!”

Revealing that he can now twirl his drumsticks again – a signature move – Lee continued, “I’m able to twirl my sticks again… I haven’t been able to do that in a few years because of the Dupuytren Contracture and carpal tunnel issues that are now gone! Dr Cohen Hand Surgeon and the staff there, I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL”.

You can flick through his Instagram post below, but use your discretion to avoid feeling ill from the gory pictures.

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In November, Mötley Crüe returned to Australia on a co-headlining stadium tour with fellow glam-rock icons Def Leppard.

In a live review of the show at Suncorp Stadium for The Music, Liv Dunford watched as singer Vince Neil revealed that Mötley Crüe had been recording new music in the studio.

Dunford wrote, “After snapping a few selfies with the audience, Neil teased that the band had been ‘busy in the recording studio making music’, to which Tommy Lee then proceeded to set the scene with Home Sweet Home by asking everyone to ‘light this place up! With a torch, or a lighter…or a crack pipe. Whatever you’ve got.’”