Tim Minchin Surprise Releases 'Apart Together' Livestream Concert

17 November 2023 | 12:25 pm | Mary Varvaris

The original 77-minute concert livestream was only available to watch for 48 hours.

Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin (Credit: Kevin Patrick Robbins)

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Tim Minchin has surprise released Apart Together (Live At Trackdown Studio), the musician-meets-comedian’s livestream that premiered in November 2020.

Celebrating Minchin’s debut studio album, Apart Together, the original 77-minute concert live stream was only available to watch for 48 hours. Minchin donated proceeds from the livestream to Support Act for Aus Music Month, and now, fans who missed out or those who just want to watch and listen again can relive his special live stream.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make live entertainment in this no-live-entertainment world, and - as always - how to make a virtue of the restrictions placed on us as artists,” Minchin said about the performance back in 2020. “And I’ve concluded that we have a fantastic opportunity to make a new style of ‘live’ concerts. Not like the old model, where cameras are inserted into seats in an audience or put on the shoulder of a camera operator dressed in black, skulking around the edges of the stage, pretending they don’t exist.”

Minchin aimed to bring the audience into the room with him, feel like they were invited into the studio, and stand amongst the band, “completely inside the experience.” He added, “This album we’ve made really lends itself to this sort of performance.

“The songs tell stories that ask the listener to stay engaged with every lyric; they are generally very personal; they vary in style from proper all-out rock-pop tracks to seriously intimate ballads. I really hope people settle in with a really good set of speakers, a really good friend or two, and a really nice bottle of wine.”

You can check out Apart Together (Live At Trackdown Studio) below.

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Minchin is performing nationwide on his Unfunny* Evening tour until February 2024.

An Unfunny Evening with Tim Minchin and His Piano Australian Dates

Melbourne | October 2023 | Comedy Theatre: Thu 19, Fri 20, Sat 21, Sun 22

Brisbane | November 2023 | QPAC Concert Hall: Sat 4, Sun 5

Sydney | November 2023| State Theatre: Fri 10, Sat 11

Hobart | November 2023 | Odeon Theatre: Fri 17, Sat 18

Canberra | December 2023 | Lewellyn Hall: Sun 3 Dec

Geelong | January 2024 | Costa Hall: Sat 20th Jan

Adelaide | February 2024 | Her Majesty's Theatre: Fri 9th

Newcastle | February 2024 | Civic Theatre: Sun 18 Feb

Perth | February 2024 | Regal Theatre: Thu 22, Fri 23, Sat 24