Thy Art Is Murder Evoke Violent 'Keres' Goddesses On Brutal New Single

11 July 2023 | 12:06 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Thy Art Is Murder have officially entered 'Godlike' mode.

Thy Art Is Murder

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Keres, the new single from Thy Art Is Murder’s sixth album, Godlike, continues the record’s themes of humanity’s self-destructive tendencies with its references to the female death spirits in Greek mythology.

An extreme metal track poised to rip through arenas, it’s Thy Art Is Murder at their most ferocious. Guitarist Andy Marsh explained:

It’s not often we have this level of excitement to present a new single to the world. Keres is a metal anthem filled with grinding verses and stomping choruses, stripping down some of the complexity that may have gotten in the way of previous attempts to deliver a song of this magnitude.

The Keres was an evil sprite in ancient Greek mythology that would feed on the dead, but could not participate in acts of violence. We think this behaviour is as relevant in the arena of news and politics as it was on those ancient battlefields.

You can check out the music video below.

Keres is the second single from Godlike, following Join Me In Armageddonreleased in May.

Join Me In Armageddon is a song that started off with one idea: self-destruction,” Marsh revealed. “I suppose throughout this record, we have ended up touching on a lot of themes that came to the fore these last few years, for us, and maybe you as well.

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“Loss, distance, doubt, pressure and tension have made their way through our lives and now are intertwined and immortalized in this record, Godlike.”

The new album from Thy Art Is Murder is the Aussie outfit’s first completely independent release; it’s coming on Friday, 15 September, via their own label Human Warfare. Here, you can pre-order the album, which arrives in some stunning vinyl variants.

The press release teases vocalist CJ McMahon’s “strongest performance ever” as he belts through lyrics through the lens of multiple Gods, confronting how cycles of violence continue over time no matter how much belief systems evolve and feelings of separation in a hyper-polarised world.

Godlike saw the band reunite with legendary producer and mixer, Will Putney, to deliver ten nihilistic tracks. Thy Art Is Murder are masters of their craft, providing sharp stabs, rough descents and grooves with muscular athleticism and confidence.

Thy Art Is Murder – Godlike tracklist

1. Destroyer of Dreams

2. Blood Throne

3. Join Me In Armageddon

4. Keres

5. Everything Unwanted

6. Lesson in Pain

7. Godlike

8. Corrosion

9. Anathema

10. Bermuda