Thrice Have Confirmed A New Album For 2016

24 November 2015 | 2:11 pm | Staff Writer

The Californian post-hardcore vets will end their hiatus next year

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After several weeks of incrementally changing the colours on their Facebook cover photo's palette, celebrated Californian heavyweights Thrice have confirmed that they will be bringing their three-year hiatus to an end in 2016 with the release of a new album.

Of course, Thrice have been teasing us for a while now, ever since late 2014, when they posted a similar photo with the indication that something would come our way this year. Although that didn't really come to fruition (unless you count discounted sales in the merch store as an event to remember), we're remaining optimistic about this.

Though remaining skint with details, the band took to Facebook to make the announcement, unveiling a photo of a studio superimposed with Thrice's logo and the confirmation that a new record is in the works.


The impending LP will be the band's first release since their 2011 seventh album, Major/Minor (or eighth, depending on how you count the two-part Alchemy Index of 2007-08). The band went on hiatus not long after that album's unveiling, temporarily calling it a day in 2012.

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The reveal of a new album being in the works comes as something of an especially unexpected announcement given the timing - prior to the acknowledgment of a new record, prevailing speculation among the band's fans was that the band would be commemorating the 10th anniversary of the release of their acclaimed, seminal fourth album Vheissu.

While that wouldn't have been unwelcome news, we've got to say, the prospect of a whole new Thrice album instead is definitely cause to get excited and kick out a couple of classic jams.