This Finnish Dinosaur Metal Band Is Our New Favourite Thing

30 October 2015 | 10:08 am | Staff Writer

And should be yours too

Meet Hevisaurus, a Finnish power metal band for children and — oh yeah, they're dinosaurs.

The band's origin story goes like this: five metal dinosaur eggs managed to survive through the mass extinction 65 million years ago and were found by a cluster of witches in 2009 when a huge lightning bolt hit the ground. The witches all chanted and lo and behold, five Hevisaurus eggs hatched, and as you do when you're a metal-loving dinosaur, the five formed a band.

They're no joke either; the band are signed to Sony, have released seven albums and have sold over 170,000 copies in Finland alone. They've received the Best Children's Album Emma award (a Finnish Grammy), have an iOS and Android game, opened an indoor amusement part with The Dudesons in 2013 and are even set to release a Hevisaurus movie at the end of the year. These are some successful dinosaurs.

Their most recent song and video clip Juranoid was released in late August — check it out below.

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