The Stiffys To Head Out On A 3D Tour - Yes, You Read That Right

6 July 2016 | 2:06 pm | Staff Writer

You'll be seeing red-blue this September

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Art rockers The Stiffys are taking art to the next level this year in two distinct ways — first, by dropping their new album Art Rock Two this August and second, by heading out on an actual 3D tour in support of it.

Now, we know what you're thinking — 'well that's dumb because them being on stage is already a 3D tour' — but the trio are actually handing out actual 3D glasses for punters at every show, presumably to see parts of the band's stage and backdrop come to life in the third dimension.

The Stiffys bassist Jason Leigh says, "We've decided to go full art rock — no more singing about stiffies, no ore singing about coolboy stuff like skateboarding, just bounding pushing art. For us that obviously means exploring the third dimension."

The new album will be the first with new guitarist Devin De Araujo and you'll have 17 chances to see the trio at work. The tour will kick off on 9 September in Brisbane before doing the national rounds and returning to Melbourne on 4 November.

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