The Stiffys Finally Own A Car & They're Using It To Go On Tour

6 January 2016 | 3:27 pm | Staff Writer

It will be the band's last sojourn before returning to the studio for album #2

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The Stiffys had an undeniably massive 2015, knocking over more than 50 shows around the country as well as releasing their celebrated album Art Rock One — and they did it all without a set of wheels.

However, with new guitarist Dev brought into the fold — and, with him, The Stiffys' own car (not that that's why he got the gig, we're sure) — the band are now better-placed to hit the road when and where they want in 2016, and they're testing the waters with a road trip kicking off from Thursday 21 January, at Canberra's Phoenix Bar.

"It's really great now that we have someone in the band who is capable of driving, because [drummer] Adam [Stagg] and I are both quite focused on enjoying the rock'n'roll lifestyle," bassist Jason Leigh said in a statement.

"It's a lot easier for us to tour regional Australia since we transitioned from sailors to astronauts, and I think people are becoming less confused by us."

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The Stiffys' Go Driving tour also takes in performances in Wollongong (Rad Bar, 22 January), Moruya (Bowling Club, 23 January), Ballarat (The Eastern, Friday 5 February), Belgrave (Sooki Lounge, Friday 12 February), Warrnambool (The Loft, Friday 19 February), Kyneton (Major Tom's, Saturday 5 March), Bendigo (Golden Vine Hotel, Saturday 12 March) and Melbourne (Old Bar, Saturday 19 March).

In the wake of this run of shows, The Stiffys will be returning to the studio to start laying down Art Rock Two, so if you're in the vicinity and worried about withdrawal symptoms while they're squirrelled away, best get along now and fill up on their special brand of goodness while you can.

"We're planning on having an extra-great time on this tour before we go into lockdown for a while to write some more bangers and make hits," Stagg said in a statement.

"Being on the road is a lot more cost-effective for us as a band because of the free drinks. I mean, back home, a case of white wine costs nearly $30, and if you do that every day, it really adds up."

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