The Ghost Inside Command Your Attention On Ripping New Single ‘Earn It’

10 July 2023 | 3:54 pm | Ellie Robinson
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“You say it won’t be easy / I know it never is / Fight through the fear inside me / Won’t dim the light in my chest.”

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside (Source: Supplied)

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Hell hath no fury like The Ghost Inside when they’re eager to inspire. The LA heroes have returned today (July 10) with a belting new single called Earn It, and it’s sure to make you feel like you could take on the world.

It marks the first original tune from The Ghost Inside since they released their self-titled comeback album – itself their first effort since enduring a tragic road accident in 2015 – in June of 2020. They’ve kept busy since then, however, touring regularly and releasing a live album (Rise From The Ashes: Live At The Shrine) in 2021. They also teamed up with Point North for the joint single Safe And Sound, which landed back in February of this year.

Earn It shows The Ghost Inside at their very best, with explosive riffs soaring as Jonathan Vigil screams: “You say it won’t be easy / I know it never is / Fight through the fear inside me / Won’t dim the light in my chest / I’m not afraid of falling / So put me to the test / ‘Cause I know that I’ve got to earn it / You strike the match and I’ll burn it down.”

Have a listen to Earn It below:

In a 2020 interview with Kill Your Stereo, bassist Jim Riley said of the band’s ambitions for their comeback album: “I think we took all these things that we experienced in the last three years and tried to see how they are relatable to everyone. 

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“In a way, everyone is experiencing some tragedy or difficulty in their own lives and trying to make the best of it. So you just say, ‘Yeah this thing sucks for me, how can I say that in a way that feels the same as someone that has lost their job or is going through a breakup?’ One of the big things you’ll find on the record is how often we are calling ourselves out. You can’t just scream, ‘What do you stand for?’ for ten years and then fold when the pressure is on you, and that was something we had to confront. 

“We had to look in the mirror and say, ‘Am I swinging harder?’ Lyrically, the band almost always has been about finding the upside and about that feeling of turning things around, and that happens within every song. This time around we let the whole record go on that journey and let individual songs explore negative emotions like being pissed off and feeling despair. Those are natural and necessary things you have to fight through to allow yourself to heal.”

The Ghost Inside were scheduled to tour Australia last year as headliners of the Full Tilt festival, but that run ended up being cancelled just weeks out from kicking off. At the time of writing, the band are yet to announce their return.