The ‘Bizarre’ Place Wolfmother’s Original Members Find Themselves

2 November 2012 | 8:07 am | Sally Anne Hurley

How theredsunband met Wolfmother

Good Heavens singer Sarah Kelly has admitted the new band is a “bizarre idea” because of its unusual lineup.

The former theredsunband front woman was just as surprised as most music fans when she and ex-Wolfmother members Myles Heskett and Chris Ross got together for the musical venture.

“I think at the time because I was so obsessed with the idea of making the record it didn't even occur to me to think about who they were or what their past was,” she laughed. “And because they came to the band separately it wasn't like getting two-thirds of Wolfmother and trying to make my songs work – it didn't happen that way. But there's no way in a million years that if you'd have said to me three years ago that I would end up playing with those two people that I would have ever believed you, because it is a bizarre idea. But somehow it worked.”

Kelly said despite the atypical combination, they were all happy with their first album together, Strange Dreams and the process of making it.

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“And I think it's translated pretty well – I think I write for drums and I write for a band anyway, and a lot of the songs do get fairly heavy. So they didn't change a lot in terms of structure and whatever. Myles liked the demos and Myles was playing Chris the things that we were working on – because they've remained very close friends – and Chris apparently liked the songs as well. It was kind of a slow process though, because I don't think they were thinking that they'd end up being in a band with me as a permanent thing.

"But we worked on the songs for so long and they started sounding really good… Making the actual album, the studio time was really, really fun. It was kind of brief – we just did four days – but it was really fun, and sort of easy. Everything just came together and everybody got along, it was really good experience.”

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