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The Bennies' Time-Honoured Tour Tips: Part One

28 November 2015 | 11:00 am | The Bennies

"It pays to say 'know' to drugs."

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1. First step on tour is working on which bangers to play. We keep our set list formula pretty f'n simple, it's taken a long time to break this party mathematical equation down to its most basic.

2. Horg's keeping up the time honoured tradition of the tour tattoo. We were down in Tasmania and our good mate Spud Wilcox took the time to drill Anty whilst he kept his spirits high/drowned the pain drinking rum.

3. Post show in Launceston, we had to catch a 6am flight to Perth. The only way to do this properly is to party all night and pack the van at 4am. In this photo you can observe the Hard Aches loading the van, interestingly enough there is a curious lack of Bennies at this time.

4. The temperature went from a 13 degrees in Tassie to a balmy 38 in Perth. The best way to combat fatigue and also to ensure a great sleep in the sweltering heat is the right mix of beers and bongs.

5. It pays to say 'know' to drugs.

6. Time drifting their way onto the Adelaide leg of the tour was Wet Pensioner. They are a motley bunch of psychos wreaking havoc through space and time. Jaundice Cop is featured here providing serious riffs and nangs.

7. Since day one, Adelaide has been super fucken supportive of The Bennies. This photo was taken in the heat of the moment at Uni Bar. Another boiling night of sick bands and Australia's best dancers.

8. This is our home ground, Melbourne. We had a dream of one day headlining the Corner, we had our minds blown when we found out that we'd sold that fucker out. Dream come true gig of the year!!

9. Courtney Barnett is fucken legend! We thought we'd get fresh on her design because we care about partying.