Taylor Swift Teases '1989 (Taylor's Version)' From The Vault Songs

20 September 2023 | 10:30 am | Mary Varvaris

"You can tell me when the *search* is over… if the high was worth the pain..."

'1989 (Taylor's Version)' album cover

'1989 (Taylor's Version)' album cover (Source: Supplied)

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Taylor Swift has officially started teasing 1989 (Taylor’s Version) From The Vault tracks, sharing a no-sound video on social media that’s sending fans into a tailspin.

Perhaps alluding to a demo version of her 2014 smash hit, Blank Space, Swift shared an animated light blue video with a vault door spinning open and four letters pouring out, either spelling ‘SLUT’ or ‘LUST’.

The video is captioned, “You can tell me when the search is over… if the high was worth the pain,” which is close to Blank Space’s chorus, where Swift sings: “You can tell me when it's over /
If the high was worth the pain”.

In addition to the teaser, which you can watch below, it looks like Swift has teamed up with Google for an official Google Search blog page active for anyone who Googles Taylor Swift. “Calling all Swifties! Love's a game — and so is our latest easter egg in Search. Wanna play? Here's how it works,” the blog post reads.

The post continues, “Search for ‘Taylor Swift’ in the Blank Space (ahem, a Search bar). Click on the blue vault and solve one of the word puzzles. It may take a second, since there are 89 puzzles to get through (a la “1989 (Taylor’s Version)") — don’t say we didn’t warn ya! But nothing lasts forever. You’ll be helping Swifties around the world get out of the woods (or unlock the vault) as everyone collectively solves 33 million puzzles. And that’s how it works, that’s how you get the vault track titles!

“Dying to see how this one ends? We promise that the wait isn't gonna be forever, but the prize will definitely be worth the pain. Cause darling, we’re a Swiftie dressed like a search engine.”

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Taylor Swift announced the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) in August.

The news was shared in a message to fans on social media, wherein Swift wrote that 1989 “changed [her] life in countless ways”. She went on to say that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is her “most FAVORITE re-record” of the four she’s done thus far, all because the five bonus tracks – which, like on the other Taylor’s Version albums, are billed as being pulled From The Vault – are “so insane”.

“I can’t believe they were ever left behind,” she added. “But not for long!”

You can pre-order your copy of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) here.