'Takes On A Whole New Meaning': Missy Higgins Digs Dear Seattle's 'The Special Two' Cover Too

2 July 2019 | 1:13 pm | Jessica Dale

"I had a smile ear to ear."

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Dear Seattle certainly impressed with their triple j Like A Version performance last week and they've definitely picked themselves up a new fan in Missy Higgins

Higgins has given a glowing endorsement for the group's cover of her track The Special Two from 2004's The Sound Of White. 

"Wow, I never in my wildest dreams imagined The Special Two sounding like this!!" shared Higgins in a Twitter post this morning. 

"I had a smile ear to ear watching and listening to this (very) old song of mine be reborn. Takes on a whole new meaning." 

Dear Seattle have since replied saying that "Never in OUR wildest dreams did we ever think you’d hear our version, let alone enjoy it!!"

Check out the performance below and read our interview with Dear Seattle's Brae Fisher here

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