Smelling The Brain Damage, Five Joints In One Go And On-Stage Nangs With The Bennies

9 December 2015 | 11:40 am | The Bennies

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1. Joint rolling is a serious business and these two cheeky devils take that responsibility f'n seriously. The joint featured in the picture absolutely destroyed everyone after the show in Newcastle. Lucky we had some warm vodka to wash it down. Ouch.

2. People can be functional on drugs, just look at this guy. Not sure when this photo was taken but you can almost smell the brain damage.

3. Speaking of brain damage, here's a photo that made my family super proud. It's me smashing nangs during a Wet Pensioner set. It felt good for the first 5 minutes and then I felt motion sickness for half an hour. You win some, you lose some.

4. A fellow weed culture enthusiast gave us a bunch of joints at a show. Instead of rationing the spliffs, Horgs had a red hot dip at smoking them five at a time like a boss.

5. The Spotted Cow is located in Toowoomba, it's run by a legend named Phil and his mum. I love this photo, we're all completely smashed after free beers and ciders. I think I'm lying on the ground because I had forgotten how stand up. Actually now that I think about it, I don't remember this photo being taken.

6. This collage was put together by our specialist, Bowie. All this cool shit went down in Cairns, Super Nintendo, exhausted dogs, cameras with underwater capability and the obligatory giant spliff. I love Cairns.

7. Check out these babes repping Anty's style. It's been so sick watching Horg's become a fashion icon within the psychedelic-reggae-doom-metal-techno-punk-ska community.

8. Ah, the last show of the tour in Darwin. The owner locked the pub after the punters had left and told us the rules of the pub: smoke inside, grab yourself a free fucken beer and play some bangers on the PA. Craig shredded the wax that night, I pulled a hamstring moonwalking.

9. Here's one last photo of me and Bowie partying up a tree as 9am rolled around. These things aren't worth explaining but they are worth doing at the time.

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