Slydogz Eventz Take Rock'n'Roll Rural

16 March 2016 | 5:25 pm | Staff Writer

The big dogs are rolling into town.

There's nothing worse than living of the main tour tracks, hearing that your favourite act is passing through and knowing that it won't be coming anywhere near you.

Slydog Eventz have got you covered - they've organised the Slydogz Rockz Show, a tour which will bring a line-up of Aussie rock'n'roll and rockabilly legends to Goodwindi, Roma, Stanthorpe and Inverell.

The Radiators, The Badloves and The Koffin Rockers will play in the town centre at each date.

Space is extremely limited (less than 1000 peeps will get a spot) so get on it quick.

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To buy tickets head to the Slydogz site or check out theGuide.