Silverchair Knocked Back Daniel Johns' Reunion Offer

22 August 2022 | 10:26 am | Dan Cribb

"I don’t have an issue with them as people."

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Daniel Johns has revealed that his former Silverchair bandmates declined to play on his latest album, FutureNever.

In what would have been a huge win for Silverchair fans wanting the three members to reunite in some form, the offer was knocked back by Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou, as Johns will detail in an intimate three-part docuseries, Inside The Mind Of Daniel Johns.

Episode one is scheduled to premiere tonight via YouTube.

“I asked them not out of necessity, I asked them because I wanted to make it clear that I don’t have an issue with them as people - I just didn’t want to play under the banner of Silverchair,” Johns said. 

“Once I’d established myself as an artist outside of Silverchair, I asked them to come again and then when they didn’t want to, I didn’t care. It was like, ‘I asked you, it’s cool, I’ll play the drums with spatulas.’”

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Johns will also discuss his stint in rehab, which followed a high-range drink-driving car crash earlier this year.

“I haven’t been there at all to promote FutureNever, so for it to become the chart success it has is testament to the people who have been supporting me and I’m eternally grateful for the love,” Johns said.

“For probably the first time in my life, I’ve sacrificed the art for both my physical and mental health. I had a nervous breakdown, I really f*cked up — I’ve been processing pain and guilt.

“I’m going on the record now to talk about the dark but also the light. This is a healing journey, but I also need to talk about the music because it’s the only thing that pulled me through.”

Last month, the singer was sentenced to 10 months jail to be served in the community.

As well as being disqualified from driving for seven months, Johns was handed an intensive corrections order. He is also required to install an alcohol-reading device in his car when he gets his driver's licence back.

The drink-driving incident took place at night on March 23, when Johns crashed into a van in the NSW Hunter region after crossing over to the wrong side of the road while being three times over the legal alcohol limit.

The occupants of the van (a 51-year-old male driver and 55-year-old female passenger) were taken to hospital following the crash but were released shortly after.

Johns checked into a rehabilitation centre the following morning.

The announcement of Inside The Mind Of Daniel Johns arrives alongside immersive event experience Past, Present & FutureNever, an art experience running in Melbourne from 26 August – 9 October.

Past, Present & FutureNever will explore the height of ‘90s Australian grunge culture through to Johns’ history-making album FutureNever” and showcase personal memorabilia and “experiential exhibits from the future”.