See An Exclusive Artistic Interpretation Of Twin Haus' New Cut 'Synthetic Egg'

29 February 2016 | 2:34 pm | Mitch Knox

By artist Yuli Serfaty

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Ascendant Brisbane-bred indie-rockers Twin Haus are ramping up towards the release of their new four-track EP, Nothing Lavish, unveiling the first of four specially commissioned artworks inspired by their tunes exclusively on The Music today.

Created by Tel Aviv-born, London-based artist Yuli SerfatySynthetic Egg (left) takes its title from Twin Haus' epic nine-minute EP track of the same name.

Standing 63 centimetres tall by 50 centimetres wide in the flesh, the piece depicts two mostly featureless figures (the "intruder" and the "confined"), one standing waist-deep in water, holding the other above the surface, backed by a starry sky. It was constructed on Superfine Linen Archival Grade stock, with only 10 copies being made available for pre-order.

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Rather than having the song thrust upon her by the band to be turned into a piece of visual art, Serfaty told The Music, the lyrical and instrumental themes of Synthetic Egg spoke to her immediately.

"The dual relationship described both with lyrics and music is what made me choose this particular piece," she said via email. "Synthetic Egg is dissecting internal worlds, bringing others in then keeping them away, defining inside and out. For me, the piece is discussing breaking an internal shell, by others or oneself, accompanied by the fear of being hurt again."

Serfaty's vision for the piece was less immediate, however, with the artist explaining that she spent "a lot of time articulating how I feel about the piece before drawing".

"The confined front figure was then formed in my mind, and so was the overall concept and the relationship I wanted the intruder and confined to have. The intruder took some more thought and sketching before finding the right pose and expression."

Serfaty (right) has previously spoken of the intimate, personal nature and sense of catharsis she experiences through creating art; however, she says, taking on third-party collaborations such as this does nothing to dull the fulfillment and satisfaction she finds in the process of creation.

"I choose projects that I find inspiring and challenging," Serfaty said. "Some projects are a gate to other people's inner world, and that gives me the privilege to process their world. On top of that, usually people come to me because they're interested in what I do, and therefore rarely ask me to do anything fundamentally different from my personal works.

"All the projects that I do are part of a learning process, each provided with an opportunity to reflect with new eyes and new feedback," she continued. "Twin Haus' lyrics and music, on top of the overall creative direction of the project, were a great trigger to dive into a deeper meaning."

You can hear a sliver of the song in a new video created by cinematic wunderkinds Kids Of Bill, who have been conscripted by the Brissy band to craft 30- to 40-second-long videos previewing the EP's tracks. Check it out below.

Twin Haus will be premiering the remaining three artworks in collaboration with the Nothing Lavish EP over the coming weeks. The EP is out via Bedlam Records on Tuesday 22 March, and the band will launch it at home in Brisbane on 1 April, at the Woolly Mammoth.

For more information, see their Facebook page.