Sea of Treachery reforms

20 March 2012 | 2:44 pm | Staff Writer
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Sea of Treachery has reformed with its original lineup. The band has begun writing new material and will soon begin playing shows in June.

Sea of Treachery has reformed with its original lineup. The band has begun writing new material and will soon begin playing shows in June.

In a press statement issued to Lambgoat, the band had this to say:

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"In 2007, we signed to Sumerian Records and pretty much immediately started touring. The transition from being a fairly popular regional band to being in a full-time touring band took its toll on us and it soured long-term relationships.

At the peak of whatever success we were fortunate enough to achieve, we were at each others' throats and things ended very, very poorly. At first, Alex was kicked out, then Cory quit. As the band disintegrated, it became clear that without our core lineup, things wouldn't be the same.

Feeling cheated, Alex regrouped and recruited extremely talented musicians to record a record that ultimately failed to capture the band's sound and audience.

In the years since, the original members have toiled in other projects and work and all the other things that suck when you stop riding around North America playing metal, but we all felt as though we had unfinished business. After multiple series of phone calls and dinners, we ultimately decided that we wanted to play music together again--not for money, nostalgia, or ego, but because we missed what made this band special to us in the first place: playing shows in anonymous, random towns and having kids scream our lyrics back to us.

We don't have any expectations or delusions. We were never extremely successful or the next big thing, but we had a great time playing music, and that's what we hope to do.

We are writing a new record and are pursuing avenues that will allow us to make a record on our own terms and to release it for free, as an homage to the people that have listened to this band for the last 7 years. We probably won't tour extensively, because most of us have normal jobs and girlfriends and all the other fun stuff that comes with getting older, but we want to have fun with it.

The cool part now, is that we're sort of like your loser uncle's bar band…we really don't care what happens, we just want to play some music and have fun. If people don't like it…fuck 'em.

Our first show will be Saturday, June 2nd at the Thompson House (Southgate House) in Newport, KY. We are working on the lineup, but we are excited to be the first band to play at a reopened venue that is both historic and important to the music scene in our hometown. Additionally, $3 from every ticket purchased will go directly to support those in our area that were impacted by the devastating tornados that wreaked havoc in our community.

We are super excited for this and we hope many of you will be as well!"