Richie Ramone Announces Australian Tour

2 December 2015 | 9:31 am | Staff Writer

He drummed with The Ramones in the '80s

More Richie Ramone More Richie Ramone

Drummer of iconic punk rockers The Ramones in the '80s, Richie Ramone has announced he'll be headed our way to help us relive the glory days of CBGB and and the raucous energy of one of the most famous punk bands in the world.

Joining The Ramones in 1983 and drumming for them until 1987, when Marky Ramone rejoined the outfit, Richie Ramone is credited as one of the only Ramones drummers to compose and write the band's songs.

Richie Ramone will hit up Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne from late April, playing songs he wrote with Da Bruddas as well as some brand spanking new material.

Richie Ramone will also perform at Cherry Rock 2016. Head to theGuide for full details on the upcoming tour.

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