Purple Wiggle Revealed As Justice Crew Member

29 May 2023 | 10:45 am | Mary Varvaris

The purple-skivvy-donning entertainer joined The Wiggles in August 2021.

Photo of Blue Wiggle and Justice Crew

Photo of Blue Wiggle and Justice Crew (Source: Supplied, Instagram)

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A TikTok video shared last month has gone viral after Justice Crew and The Wiggles fans recognised Purple Wiggle, John Pearce, as a member of the early 2010s successful Australian boyband.  

The video featured the text, “The purple wiggle and his twin were in the club singing Justice Crew songs last night,” with a shocked emoji. “Idk how this happened but the nostalgia was real,” the caption read. Check out the video below.

The purple-skivvy-donning entertainer joined The Wiggles in August 2021, with his addition revealed via the band’s YouTube exclusive, Fruit Salad TV.

Pearce became a part of the iconic children’s music group alongside Tsehay Hawkins, Evie Ferris and Kelly Hamilton, joining the already-established lineup of original member Anthony Field and current members Lachy Gillespie and Simon Pryce. Hamilton has since left the group, with two new Wiggles joining last year: Red Wiggle Caterina Mete and Blue Wiggle Lucia Field.

In January, People reported that Pearce was dubbed “Big Strong John” – not just by the band, but by mothers calling the Purple Wiggle a “sex symbol”.

“I don't remember the fruit salad being this yummy growing up,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments section of Pearce’s transformation into the Purple Wiggle. Another asked, “Where can I watch the wiggles? I mean where can my kids watch?”

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In the TikTok video mentioned above, Pearce and his brother, Lenny, took on the 2014 ARIA #1 Justice Crew hit, Que Sera, to an enthusiastic audience in a local nightclub.

“The wiggles must be keeping his voice shape. Sounds just like I remember it,” one TikTok user wrote in reaction to the video. A few days ago, another user expressed shock at just finding out that Pearce is a Wiggle and commented, “Wait HE WAS IN JUSTICE CREW OMGGG NO WONDERRRR HE LOOKED FAMILIARRR”.

The shock continued further in the comments, with another person writing, “I never put it together that they were the same person! HOW.”

A few weeks ago, OG Wiggle Anthony Field revealed that if he ever sells the money he has in the band, he plans to buy the NRL club, the Balmain Tigers.

"I would like to bring the Balmain Tigers back and it's just a dream and Wests Magpies come back and they go to Campbelltown and the Balmain boys come back to Leichhardt and the Balmain women too," he explained on Nine’s Today Show.

He added, "The Tigers go back to their home. We get a leagues club. We become frenemies with Wests again and the world is back to normal."


Idk how this happened but the nostalgia was real #justicecrew #thewiggles #purplewiggle #quesera

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