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Pump Up The Hypa Hypa for Good Things Festival - suss Electric Callboys' set at Nova Rock

20 June 2022 | 2:57 pm | Staff Writer
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If you aren't on board with Electric Callboy and why they are one of the most exciting inclusions on the Good Things Festival lineup yet, allow us to highlight this recent live set at Nova Rock 2022. The hypa hypa is real.

More Electric Callboy More Electric Callboy

Since 2020, in the thick of COVID, Australia has been getting more and more on board with Electric Callboy. The high energy German outfit dropped Hypa Hypa in 2020 and since then have been consistently dropping both the most FRENETIC and HILARIOUS videos and singles - and it's frankly been like EDGING for 2 years solid to see them live. 

Now that Good Things Festival have announced them on the lineup for December's Festival line-up, it definitely feels like the pressure has been relieved somewhat, just know they are going to be here and absolutely annihilate stages when they arrive.

To prepare for what we might see in December, we found this stream of their set at Nova Rock 2022. Enjoy the hilarity, the costume changes and the absolute 98 Octane fuelled chaos.

Oh, and get a ticket to Good Things Festival. They are on sale tomorrow morning 10am AEST. 

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