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PSA: The Melbourne Leg Of Knotfest Is About To Sell Out

16 December 2022 | 10:30 am | Mary Varvaris
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Only 250 tickets left in Melbourne! Knotfest Australia will sell out.

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If you've been holding off from buying Knotfest Australia tickets, bad idea: the festival is down to the final 250 tickets for the Melbourne edition.

As revealed on Facebook last night, Knotfest in Melbourne is about to sell out, and why wouldn't it when the description is "14 bands, the Knotfest Museum, and thousands of maggots"? Get on tickets quickly HERE before you miss out. 

Knotfest recently unveiled its new podcast and video series, She's With The Band, a new show featuring weekly interviews with the women making waves within the metal music scene. Hosted by Tori Kravitz (Vans Warped Tour Monster Energy Pit Blog and Alternative Press Magazine) and Alicia Atout (A Music Blog, Yea?, Major League Wrestling), She's With The Band aims to amplify the voices of women on stage, backstage, and elsewhere in the business.

"After my work on the Vans Warped Tour, I took a few years off from music journalism, and I’ve missed it ever since. My years on the road and on camera have equipped me with more podcast-worthy stories than I can count. The stars aligned with KNOTFEST, an outlet that truly loves heavy music and supporting new talent," Kravitz said about working on She's With The Band.

"I am honored to work with them to uplift women, think critically about female empowerment in the music industry, and have lots of fun conversations with some of my all-time favorite artists. The tongue-in-cheek podcast name says it all. Alicia and I hit it off ever since the first time we met and our career paths are so similar…I can’t think of a more perfect co-host to share this with."

Atout added, "I’m elated to finally announce this project to the world. Being a female in the music industry for over a decade, I’ve experienced some truly unforgettable moments but also some astonishing yet bizarre situations I’ll never forget. And I know I’m not the only woman in music who can say that.  

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"She’s With The Band is a new platform for all fierce females to have a voice as the fiery front-woman we adore and inspiring unsung industry heroes share their wild and amazing stories. It’s also a home where my long-lost sister and incredibly talented co-host Tori Kravitz and I can finally share our hilarious, embarrassing, vulnerable stories as well, which span from our teen years to our current adventures with KNOTFEST. And trust me, I can’t wait for this adventure with Tori… we’ve discovered that magical things can happen when two chicks who hang out with bands a lot decide to create a podcast."

The two have interviewed Kat Von D of LA ink (watch here), with episodes featuring guitarist Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, Demi Lovato) and more to come.

Knotfest is heading down under in March 2023. Find more details here.