PETA Urge Xavier Rudd To Reconsider 'Supporting' KFC

8 December 2015 | 10:04 am | Neil Griffiths

Animal rights organisation speaks out.

Xavier Rudd performing in Adelaide, 2015. Pic by Kate Sansome

Xavier Rudd performing in Adelaide, 2015. Pic by Kate Sansome

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Over the last week popular Aussie roots musician Xavier Rudd has copped a wave of backlash from his fans after the vaunted vegetarian's 2004 track Let Me Be featured in a KFC TV advertisement and now animal rights organisation PETA (which Rudd is an avid supporter of) has issued a statement on the controversial topic and are urging the artist to reconsider supporting the fast food chain. 

In an exclusive statement given to theMusic PETA said, "We know Xavier to be a kind person, and so we hope that he has not approved the use of his music for promoting KFC."

"If he has, we would ask him to reconsider supporting a business which is bad for the animals, the environment and human health."

PETA's stance on the subject is not surprising, given that their campaign against KFC has been in motion for over a decade since the Kentucky Fried Cruelty initiative was launched, in which they protest KFC's treatment of chickens.  

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Rudd is yet to publicly comment on the matter. 

In 2008 Rudd was crowned Australia's Sexiest Vegetarian, in addition to picking up a Rock The Boat award the following year from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

In 2012, Rudd condemned animal cruelty and openly spoke about his support of animal rights issues