Perth Bands You Don’t Want To Miss At WAM Festival

6 November 2015 | 3:02 pm | Staff Writer

The brain trust at WAM give us their picks

With additional showcases tonight as well as bands consuming Fremantle on Sunday, the schedule for this year’s WAM Festival renders an endless number of possible paths for a punter.

The WA Music Awards last night shed some light on who to check out over the weekend, and now the fine team at WAM has delivered their must-see acts for us.

GREG SANDERS — WAM Festival Coordinator


Having taken out last year’s Best Metal/Heavy Act WA Music Award, it’s been another huge year for Puck who continue to turn heads and prove why they’re one of the most exciting new heavy bands in the country. Doing stoner rock well is a lost art, and theses guys just keep getting better with age. Check out their new single Take The Day and look out for a new EP early next year.

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Playing: Friday 6 November @ Soggybones West Perth Store

Tired Lion

Proving '90s indie rock is alive and well, Tired Lion are well and truly one of the “it” bands of the WAM Festival this year and well deserving of their next big thing reputation. It’s been a huge breakout year for them which included a national tour with British India, a slot on Splendour In The Grass and a smashing on triple j, including one of the year’s most popular ‘Like A Version’ performances. Catch them for free at the Block Party on Saturday and brag to it about your mates at the water cooler in two years time when they are playing stadiums.

Playing: Saturday 7 November @ The Block Party (Wilson Car Park 18 Roe St, enter via James St)

The Love Junkies

Debuting their new four-piece line-up (with Harley Barnaby from Foam taking over bass duties as Robbie Rumble moves to second guitar) are The Love Junkies, truly one of the most explosive and engaging live acts in Australia. They closed out the WAM Festival with a BANG last year and did such a good job, we’ve asked back to do it all over again this year! Expect plenty of new material and a fresh, even bigger sound than you’re used to from these #WAMFest fan favourites.

Playing: Sunday 8 November @ Fremantle Art Centre Inner Courtyard Stage.

AAROM WILSON — WAM Marketing & Communications Officer


I’ve been annoyed to spend so many late nights in the WAM office of late…because I’ve missed out on most of The Bachelorette... Sounds like it was for the best though, Will Stoker’s exit from the show was way too early. Which leaves him wide open for rose throwings when he headlines an appropriately titled venue. Luckily for us he’s a much better musician than a romancer.

Playing: Saturday 7 November @ The Bird


Yet to witness the apparent fitness of Time Pilot, but there’s no, er, Time, like WAM Festival Time to fly into a tonne of acts you’ve been meaning to catch for yonks. With 166 acts over the weekend, I’m expecting to see at least 20 I’ve never witnessed before, which is damn exciting. And if Time Pilot’s track on the Kiss My WAMi CD is anything to go by, his teaming up with Sable and co will be one heck of a party.

Playing: Friday 6 November @ Jack Rabbit Slim’s


Okay, so this is pretty unfair task as there are just too many acts to name, so let’s warm up with a more obvious one in Methyl Ethel. I thought Rogues was unbeatable, but then came along their Best Single WA Music Awards-nominated Twilight Driving…Plus, I’m biased, but around 3,000 people agreed with me last year that the Block Party ruled, and this year’s been boosted with more dancing space and two stages. So yeah, you can’t go wrong.

Playing: Saturday 7 November @ Wilson Car Park

GEORGIA KENNEDY — WAM Development Manager


Taking the stage at The Boston, sandwiched in between The Shakeys and Scalphunter is my top pick for pretty much any gig night, The Floors. Dirty fuzz punk blues is how they describe themselves and I think that’s pretty spot on. The Floors build a driving groove that’s difficult to resist and coupled with plenty of fuzz and volume, they get my vote. Featuring brothers Luke and Ryan Dux and Ash Doodkorte, three of Perth’s finest players, who each received nominations in their respective crafts in this year’s WAMis. If there was an award for most prolific that’d have to go to Luke, who plays in some of my other favourite local bands (including The Wilds), and Ryan and Ash would probably both featuring in the noms as well. The Floors should be on your must see list if you like to rock. And I do.

Playing: Saturday 7 November @ The Boston


Playing their official debut at this year’s WAM Fest is Blackwall Reach. Featuring agent provocateur, former colleague and good friend Leon Ewing, this is a gig not to be missed. Many will know Leon for his ‘work’ in Beaverloop and many others will have heard of him as the person that suggested that high school students use drugs to expand creativity. Either way, Leon is known for pushing boundaries and making a bit of magic. Joining him in Blackwall Reach are Matt Steedman and Vasya Shevtzov, Leon tells me he found them drinking bourbon in a biker metal bar in Mundaring. Their first single is being mixed in the States by Jeff Tomei [Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream]. Their coming together melds music and mystery in front of a backdrop of stark yet beautiful imagery, performing love songs about the cosmos and evolutionary biology, or Leon’s cat; Elizabeth.

Playing: Saturday 7 November @ Jimmy’s Den


A couple of years ago at a DM3 gig, I spent close to an hour discussing a mutual love of Deep Purple with Dom Mariani. Every time I see Datura4 play I ask myself “why don’t I go to every gig they play?” They’re that good. A big wall of full tilt boogie in the 70’s style, they combine the mastery of Dom Mariani and Greg Hitchcock on guitars in an epic Gibson vs Fender battle, whilst being driven by the fine work of Stu Loasby changing it up on bass, and the inimitable Warren Hall on drums. The band I miss most around these parts is the M-16’s and at least in their absence, I still get to see Waz doing his thing which is a joy to behold. Whilst the band’s pedigree speaks for itself, the coming together of these fine fellows showcases their skills and style in a new realm of its own. Enjoy loud. See you down the front.

Playing: WAM Festival Friday Showcases; Blues @ Bridgetown (free) @ The Paddo

NIGEL BIRD — WAM Regional Officer


After this mammoth weekend of music at WAM fest, another iconic WA music festival follows, in our famed South West region. The Perth Blues Club and Blues at Bridgetown Festival combine to showcase some great artists that fit somewhere amongst the blues and roots genres. Headlining the showcase is Morgan Bain, one of WA’s hardest working acts, between a jaunt to Singapore for Music Matters Live Singapore and keeping my ears chiming with great feedback  from venues as part of this years WAM Wheatbelt touring circuit. Morgan is making all the right noise.

Playing: Friday 6 November @ Paddington Ales House

Jeff’s Dead

Sticking with a regional theme and non-intentionally in the same town, but Bridgetown did produce the Strong brothers. Both Michael (The Disappointed) and Jeff are for me great songwriters. Jeff delivers one off rough diamonds, no big production here, just quality songs of character that float you, but also punch back with the truth according to Jeff.  Almost as impressive as his bangin’ dance moves, Jeff’s Dead is a big reason to get to the Sat Spec nice and early.

Playing: Saturday 7 November @ Universal Bar

Flooded Palace

I’m just going to straight out declare my love for Todd Pickett. One of WA’s best on the skins, he does everything in music with grit and heart. In the last year amongst playing with a harem of others (let’s face it, who wouldn’t want him in their band!), he finally released his maiden in March, entitled Small Beautiful. With his band of peer legends, Dux, Grech and Davis these guys are a clear no brainer not to miss for me.

Playing: Saturday 7 November @ Universal Bar