Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers & More To Appear On New Album By Boom Crash Opera Founder

27 June 2016 | 2:58 pm | Staff Writer

PledgeMusic campaign to kick off this week.

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Respected musician and founding member of Aussie '80s outfit Boom Crash OperaPeter Farnan, has today announced details of new project Pesky Bones and an accompanying album which features the likes of Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers, Deborah Conway and many more. 

"Pesky Bones is like a personal music player on shuffle," Farnan says.

"Rather than one sound and point of view there are diverse musical styles and singers. The themes cover accumulated experience, memory, age, sex, family, mortality, aching limbs, regret and, above all, transcendence."

Farnan will launch the new album, Pesky Bones Volume One, through a PledgeMusic campaign which kicks off this Friday and runs across 12 weeks. 

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Offerings in return for pledges include an access pass to a digital copy of the album, the physical CD, solo house concerts in capital cities, songwriting workshops, a listening party, rare Boom Crash Opera vinyl packs and the opportunity to send your song to Farnan who will produce a full version of it.

As well as Kelly, Rogers and Conway, other collaborators on the new album include Rebecca Barnard, Ali Barter, Simon Burke, Paul Capsis, Charles Jenkins, Sean Kelly, Emily Lubitz, Dan Tobias and Sarah Ward.

"Pesky Bones brings together artists I’ve encountered in my work in the music industry, film and theatre," Farnan says of the guest vocalists.

"Their diverse voices and personas jostle and rub against each other creating amazing sparks."

Check out the PledgeMusic campaign page here from 1 July.