Parcels Play To A Sold-out Red Rocks

21 June 2024 | 8:49 am | Mary Varvaris

In addition to the remarkable achievement of playing at the packed-out iconic venue, Parcels have shared the complete show's live stream on YouTube.

Parcels at Red Rocks

Parcels at Red Rocks (Credit: David Cohn)

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Australian psychedelic rockers and dance-inspired outfit Parcels made us all proud, playing to a sold-out Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, USA, on Monday (17 June).

The show sold out in just five minutes upon its announcement back in October, and how could it not? Parcels aren’t just incredible performers, but the Red Rocks show is their only show in the US to take place this year (aside from a performance at Bonnaroo festival).

In addition to the remarkable achievement of playing at the packed-out iconic venue, Parcels have shared the show's live stream on YouTube—the entire two-and-a-half hours—which you can watch below.

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For the show, Parcels showcased the best of their latest album, Day/Night, released in 2022, with the tracks Tieduprightnow, Overnight, and Somethinggreater. They also proved why they’re worthy of having two live albums to their name (Live Vol. 1 and Live Vol. 2).

303 Magazine’s Thomas Rutherford remarked of the Red Rocks show, “The show was one of the most hyped of the early summer, a fact reflected by the overflowing crowd who bore witness to a dance party that transcended this earthly realm and became something that will live on etched into the rocks as well as the hearts of those in attendance until the end of time.

“The show was beautiful, nearly perfect if such a thing exists, the kind you remember and smile about for years to come, its warmth nestled gently in your chest for the rest of your life.”

Parcels dubbed Day/Night “a marvellous, fascinating collection of songs [...] a record of epic proportions, spritely and serious at the same time; the sound of a collective pouring out their heart and soul into a record of real beauty”.

The band performed a string of headline shows across the east coast of Australia in October 2022, with The Music’s Shaun Colnan saying about their Sydney concert:

“Anyone who’s watched their live shows or recordings on YouTube knows they’re good, but the Byron five’s scintillating synchronicity wowed beyond expectation” with a set that ran an hour over their scheduled finish time.”

Colnan added, “While billed to finish at 10 pm, the band played all the way up to 11 pm with little to no stoppages, showing that this was a finely choreographed live experience delivered by a five-piece in the prime of their powers. A stunning show of LIGHT and SHADOW shaped by a band that emanates warmth and joy. A show anyone would be lucky to see.”