Pandemonium Fest Organisers Respond To ANZAC Day Backlash

31 January 2024 | 4:11 pm | Mary Varvaris

Festival organisers have responded after NSW Premier Chris Minns stated earlier today, “There's not going to be a rock concert in the middle of the city on ANZAC Day.”

Pandemonium Rocks poster

Pandemonium Rocks poster (Source: Supplied)

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Organisers of Pandemonium Rocks Festival, Apex Entertainment, have responded to the backlash towards the Sydney edition being held on ANZAC Day.

Earlier today, reports surfaced that the Sydney date and venue (The Domain) for Pandemonium Rocks might have to be moved after NSW Premier Chris Minns stated, “There's not going to be a rock concert in the middle of the city on ANZAC Day,” per 9 News.

Minns added that the festival going ahead on that date is “completely inconsistent with ANZAC Day.”

His response followed concerns shared by RSL NSW President Mick Bainbridge to Ben Fordham on 2GB this morning.

Bainbridge, claiming that he’d shared his concerns with festival organisers and urged them to move the event to a different venue or different time in the day (Pandemonium is set to start at 11:30 am and finish at 11 pm), told Fordham:

“We've seen through the Royal Commission hearings how important it is to us to protect and honour our community events for veterans.

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“RSL NSW understands the music promoter has offered a portion of ticket sales to veteran's charities to gain support for the concert. But ANZAC Day is not for sale.”

Describing the festival as inappropriate on ANZAC Day, he continued in a statement, “We all love to have fun, and live music is fantastic for Sydney, but ANZAC Day is not the day for a music festival.

“ANZAC Day is a day to think of the sacrifices made by the approximately 120,000 people from NSW who served overseas during World War I, as well as all who have served since.”

The Sydney edition of Pandemonium Rocks is set to have members of veteran charities Legacy and Wounded Heroes on site.

In a statement, Pandemonium Rocks Festival organisers Apex Entertainment responded,

Pandemonium festival organisers, Apex Entertainment, are working collaboratively with the NSW State Government on a solution pertaining to the location of Pandemonium Sydney, scheduled for Thursday, April 25 in Sydney NSW.  

“We’ll issue an update very soon, and thank you for your patience.

The inaugural Pandemonium Rocks festival is spearheaded by Alice Cooper, Blondie, Placebo and Deep Purple. They’ll be joined by Wheatus, Dead Kennedys, The Psychedelic Furs, Gang Of Four and Palace Royale.

On the local front, Pandemonium Rocks has locked in Gyroscope, Cosmic Psychos and Wolfmother. In addition to the international acts mentioned above, the festival is introducing Thai solo artist Petch.



Alice Cooper, Blondie, Placebo, Deep Purple

Wheatus, The Psychedelic Furs, Dead Kennedys, Gang Of Four, Palace Royale

Wolfmother, Cosmic Psychos, Gyroscope

Introducing Petch


Saturday, 20 April - Caribbean Gardens, Melbourne

Thursday, 25 April - The Domain, Sydney (ANZAC Day Holiday)

Saturday, 27 April - Doug Jennings Park, Gold Coast

Sunday, 28 April - Sandstone Point Hotel, Bribie Island