Nothing But Thieves, Princess Nokia & More: This Week's Best New Music

17 March 2023 | 3:50 pm | Emma Whines

Each week we track down the best new music and curate it into our 'Hit List' playlist for all our readers to enjoy. Today, we've selected our top picks of the week to celebrate the songs that stood out in the crowd.

More Nothing But Thieves More Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves - Welcome To The DCC

Nothing But Thieves return to airwaves this week with their first single in three years, Welcome to the DCC, cordially inviting you to get excited for their new album, Dead City Club. Inspired by spooky 80s synths and cyber-pop sounds, Welcome to the DCC is just as big as their usual sound, but it leans towards pop-rock more than ever before. This track sounds like it could feature on the Weeknd's latest album, with a Michael Jackson Thriller feel weaving its way through the single. Connor Mason's vocal performance is, as usual, a highlight and really suits the new era the band are embarking on. With an Aus tour just around the corner, you'll be able to enjoy these songs sooner than you think. 

Princess Nokia - happy

American rapper/singer Princess Nokia has released an album with a slew of good songs, including already beloved closure and los siento. Still, one, in particular, stood out to us the most. New single happy brings the feel-good vibes with fast-paced rap and funky base-lines that Princess Nokia has become synonymous with. Gorillaz fans will notice that a lot of happy is based on one of the band's most famous songs, Clint Eastwood, especially in the pre-chorus, which reworks' Clint Eastwood's chorus to have a more positive light. 

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RedHook - Imposter feat. Yours Truly

RedHook have released their collaboration with Yours Truly vocalist Mikaila Delgado in the epic break-up anthem, Imposter. The alt-rock banger utilises the sci-fi theme of Shapeshifters and body-snatching as a metaphor to articulate a traumatic experience. Essentially, Imposter is about watching someone you love change into a completely different person before a heartbreaking trail of their past lies and deceptions unravel before your eyes. Filled with chaotic synths, massive choruses, and stellar vocals, Imposter is truly a revenge song that grabs you hard and forces you to listen. 

Gold Fang - Remedy

Gold Fang has burst into 2023 with a truly vibey track, Remedy, that shows off his creative genius and classic flow. Growing up in Trinidad, Carribean, it's no wonder he has such an effortless grasp on a wide range of reggae styles and how they can be a perfect starting block to great some extremely unique music. Remedy is his best demonstration of this yet, with groovy jazz elements and funky keys, as Gold Fang delivers truth after truth. Not only does Remedy carry the traditional soundscape of Reggae, but it also embodies the relaxed feeling that the Caribbean is so known for. 

Elley Duhé, Teddy Swims - FACE MYSELF

Overnight megastar Elley Duhe is back with her second single of the year, featuring soul singer Teddy Swims, titled FACE MYSELF. Unlike MONEY ON THE DASH, her first single of the year, which definitely leans more toward a hyper-pop banger, FACE MYSELF is more introspective and sounds like an OG Rihanna ballad rather than a club hit. Slow-picked acoustic guitar blends with a simple bass-heavy beat as the two artists sing their woes away, taking responsibility for their insecurities. Both vocalists kill their performance, with their voices harmonising perfectly. However, Duhé's vocals were a highlight, with her unique tone adding the spice the song needed. 

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