Norwegian Muso Solves Problem Of Taste, Releases Same Single In Seven Styles

2 February 2016 | 2:52 pm | Staff Writer

It's living proof that a rose by any other name might actually smell sweeter

Norwegian producer/DJ/singer/instrumentalist Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, has taken grand steps towards solving the pesky problem of being able to please everyone with recent single Cassette, with the internationally renowned electro-whiz offering up seven versions of the track, each in a distinct genre, alongside individual video clips.

Currently occupying pride of place on Savant's website — where all seven iterations of Cassette are interchangeably available by way of interactive video player and switches — the song sings the praises of the humble cassette tape, which has unarguably be enjoying something of a renaissance among nostalgics and the indie scene of late. It's available as a retro, synth-soaked psych-pop piece (aka "Eagle Feather"), a deep electro banger ("Alectro"), keytar-centric '80s greatness ("Kamekan"), a country song ("Nash Williams"), metal/hard rock ("Blacksnake"), hip hop/R&B ("Lil Vanizzle") and dubstep ("Notice Me, Senpai").

Particularly impressive is the organic way in which users are able to switch between versions of the song, as Savant has clearly gone to some lengths to ensure all seven iterations line up in tempo and arrangement while staying true to their target genres. However, for those of you with slower machines (it seems pretty resource-heavy), we've gathered the separate versions and included them below.

Fair warning though, doing them individually definitely doesn't have the same effect — there's something strangely rewarding about switching genres in line with certain musical moments and changes to make it all seem like part of some grand, mad mash-up of all seven versions, which — being the internet — is almost an inevitability in terms of becoming an actual thing that someone makes at this point. Check it out at his website or see the videos below.

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cassette (eagle feather)

cassette (alectro)

cassette (kamekan)

cassette (nash williams)

cassette (blacksnake)

cassette (lil vanizzle)

cassette (notice me, senpai)

Savant has released 13 studio full-lengths since his 2009 debut (as Vinter In Hollywood), Outbreak. His most recent album effort was last year's acclaimed Invasion. As if 13 albums in six years isn't prolific enough, both Cassette and its predecessor, Fire, have been released as standalone singles in the past month.

To hear more of Savant's music, hit up his Bandcamp.