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'No Redo's, I Was Just Letting My Emotions Out': Nooky Takes You Through His Debut EP

10 October 2019 | 1:08 pm | Nooky

Aussie rapper Nooky takes you track by track through his debut EP, 'Junction Court', before its release tomorrow via Bad Apples Music!

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Nowa Nowa pt.1 Selway

This was the last track I recorded for Junction Court. It’s about my cousin who got me into rapping, Ryan Selway. Ryan was my idol growing up. He was more of a big brother than cousin, the only reason I started rapping is because Ryan did it. Ryan passed away two years ago and that really fucked me up. The process of this song was hard to complete but it was something I needed to do. Me and my boy Thom Crawford worked on the hook together, it’s the only part of the song that was written. With the verse, I went to the studio by myself, fired up the mic and just let my heart speak, whatever came out was what the verse would be, no redo's, no nothing. I was just letting my emotions out. I was a bit of a wreck after it and I didn’t really want to show anyone because it’s so personal for me. 

Charged Up

Late night in the studio with some Henny just on my shit! Flexin 'n dat. 


PS2!! nuff said.

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Numb is about me trying to drink away the pain of Ryan passing away. I was sober for three years, didn’t touch a drop, but when Ryan left I didn’t know how to handle it. I was hurting bad. Usually I’d turn to music to heal but this time I couldn’t because music was deeply embedded in the hurt I was feeling. I turned to alcohol so I couldn’t feel anymore. I’d be out partying and all that but I wasn’t out tryna have a good time, I was out tryna kill my emotions, drinking to numb the pain. 

Liberty City

Hit R2, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up to unlock all weapons. Go and get them stars cuz. 


I wrote this out of frustration when my lil cousin got locked up for some shit he didn’t do. 

Nowa Nowa pt. 2 Lucas

This song is about one of the boys I grew up with who passed away in a car chase when I was 18. Lucas was super talented, he was the best footy player out of all of us back home.

I went back to Nowra for a party and the next morning I was hanging out at my nan's, she was watching the news, and a report about a car chase involving two youths came on. The next day I got a call that it was Lucas. It really rattled it me, I’ve experienced loss before but I was too young to really understand it. This was the first time I felt the pain of losing someone close.

Nooky will launch Junction Court with shows in Melbourne and Sydney this month. Check out theGuide for more details.