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No, Linkin Park Won't Embark On Tour With A Chester Bennington Hologram

15 March 2023 | 11:51 am | Mary Varvaris
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"Those [hologram tours] are creepy."

(Pic by Josh Groom)

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Fans won’t be seeing a Linkin Park tour with a Chester Bennington hologram anytime soon, rapper, producer, and songwriter Mike Shinoda has revealed in a new interview.

There won’t be any Linkin Park holograms in the vein of ABBA’s Voyage concerts, no Roy Orbison holograms, or anything akin to the holographic image of Tupac.

In an interview with 94.5 The Buzz and transcribed by Metal Injection, Shinoda stated, “Those [hologram tours] are creepy. Even if we weren't talking about us, if we weren't talking about Chester, which is...that's a very sensitive subject, and we would have our feelings about how we would represent that.”

Citing ABBA, he added, “For me, that's a clear no; I'm not into that. But even as a viewer of, like, just a fan of another band — like I heard ABBA, for example, they're doing a hologram show, and they're still alive.

“Then you get to have an opinion about it based on, they're all still here, and yet they wanna do it this way because they wanna transport you back to that moment in time where those songs were new, and it was whatever era it was. I get that; I see that. I'm not positive, even under those circumstances, I'm not positive I personally would buy a ticket to the show. But [other people] would. That's fine.”

While hologram shows aren’t personally and universally embraced by Linkin Park, Shinoda doesn’t begrudge other artists who choose to go down that path - as long as it’s not forced on him.

He continued, “The problem with the Internet now is that everybody thinks that everything is for everybody. And what I mean is everyone feels like they need to chime in, like, 'Well, here's my opinion. This is what I have to say. And if it's not for me, like if I don't like it, then nobody should like it.' That's not the way the world works. If you like a thing and I don't like the thing, then you go see the thing; you go buy the thing.” Check out the full interview below.

Mike Shinoda released a solo single last week, In My Head featuring indie-pop singer Kailee Morgue for the Scream VI soundtrack. You can listen to it here.

Linkin Park recently announced the release of the spectacular Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition, due for release on Friday, 7 April, alongside the highly anticipated unveiling of the previously unreleased track, Lost.

The iconic nu-metal band are celebrating 20 years of their seminal second record by sharing a Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box Set, Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, Deluxe 3-CD, and Digital Download. Pre-orders are available here.

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