King Gizzard & More Amongst Must See Acts At Vintage Vibes Fest

22 March 2023 | 1:01 pm | Staff Writer

Ahead of the hotly anticipated Vintage Vibes Festival, we've recruited some of our favourite artists on the line-up to recommend their must-see-acts for the weekend.


Donny Bonét! What can you say? The man is an enigma, is he visiting from the past or the future? I’m not sure but funk can he play!

To begin with, I wasn’t sure of Bonét, it seemed like he treads this line of serious funk/soul/sugar-daddy with this cheesy 'won’t-leave-the-lawn-bowls-club-after-close' vibes. “Carn Susan, just one more dance will ya?! This is our song!” Susan of course had just finished working in the kitchen, and being her second shift was already regretting her new job… that was until the Don donned the 4 string and somehow single-handedly brought back the term discotheque! Next thing you know Susan’s got herself a perm and a frilly frock, jangling her fake pearls and carving it up on the bowling greens! The Don’s romantic lyrics and bass line hooks will get you too. I’m not into 80’s synth disco pop, but I tell ya when the hips move, you’ve been donned. It’s The Don. The Don effect! Turns out Donny Bonét is authentic and a lovely man. I can’t help smiling ear to ear throughout his sets, so I can’t wait to be around that! Don’s the funking man!

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard! Their no frills and all gills show is awe-inspiring. I can’t wait to be transported into their Gizzverse! They seem to do it all, boundless in their expansive musical catalogue, they’re work ethic is unrivalled. They seem to tour the World non-stop, what a privilege it will be to see them at a winery just outside of Adelaide! They suit the Vintage Vibes Festival, combining so many influences into their own. I first saw the Gizz Wizards 10 years ago at Jive, where myself and 300 sweaty people all crammed in to see their raw and tight performance. They had the same transporting high intensity the world has now got to see, now, just with insane lighting and live visuals! At a Gizzfest Soundcheck a few years ago at Thebarton Theatre, I noticed Stu had his wah-wah pedal at the end of his pedal chain. I said to him how unusual that was, he replied “is it?” looking intrigued. “No no!” I said “Don’t change a thing! Whatever you’re doing keep doing it!” Absolute legends who enjoyed kicking a footy around just as much as ripping through the energy field before our mortal eyes! It’s gonna be sick.


Getting the chance to play alongside King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard has been an absolute dream for us. A few years ago, we'd jam on Robot Stop and Doom City every rehearsal, and we were always motivated by their massive portfolio of radically diverse music. There were moments when we wouldn't listen to anyone but King Gizzard because they just had the perfect album for every single mood and emotion we felt! Being Gizzheads, we were drawn to their many contemporaries at Flightless Records, especially Babe Rainbow, and immediately fell in love with their groovy vintage psych sound, especially their sitar. How can you not love a band with a song called Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest?! As a band, it's really inspiring to be surrounded by an overwhelming amount of great Australian music created by people just over the border, and being part of an incredible festival like Vintage Vibes has been a massive goal for us for years now.

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We are insanely excited to be playing alongside this incredible lineup, but the two acts that we are most excited about are, The Temper Trap and Gang of Youths.  As an Aussie band, we all grew up listening to tunes such as Sweet Disposition and Fader, in our teenage years, cranking these tunes through our iPod Touch on the bus to school. It will be a truly serial experience to be sharing a stage with these guys, as they have been incredibly influential in what our music tastes are now. As a band, we've seen Gang of Youths play multiple times at all kinds of venues, and every time we've seen them, we are always left in awe of the performance they give. Over the two days of Vintage Vibes, you literally won’t be able to take the smiles off our faces. We can’t wait for this one, the VV weekend will be wild! 


We're excited to be on this festival line-up as we are huge fans of every artist on the bill, but in particular, our top two would be Adrian Eagle and Hermitude. We were supposed to play with Adrian in 2021, but COVID messed that up, so we're excited to finally share the stage with him and boogie to the love fest that his shows always are. Half of our band has worked with him previously, and he is an all-around great guy. Hermitude are regulars on our party playlist, so we know they will bring the energy and good times. Plus, we've never seen them do their thing live, so very keen to experience their set. It's like the ultimate personal after-party for us after we do our thing on day one!

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