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Mumford Wants To Go Hip Hop. And Soon

16 October 2015 | 12:14 pm | Staff Writer

But... the banjoooooooo

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British folk-rock Mumford & Sons recently took part in a comedy skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in which they acted as a '90s boy band group, however in real life it seems the band are willing to throw themselves into a whole new genre which would surprise even their biggest fan — shockingly enough, it's hip hop. 

Speaking exclusively in an interview with theMusic, frontman Marcus Mumford revealed that hip hop was his favourite genre of music growing up. 

"The first record I bought was [The] Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill — and Jurassic 5 was the first gig I ever went to. So it wasn't, like, super underground — it was quite [laughs] 'English boy hip hop' — but I certainly grew up on it and have always enjoyed it."  

The 28-year-old singer went on to explain how he recently connected with US producer and rapper 88 Keys, who is a close friend and collaborator to Kanye West about potentially working together in the future. 

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"I just called him up and said, 'Can I come and just watch what you do for a day? We sat there and talked and listened to music all day,"Mumford recalled.

"He became a friend out of it, luckily. I hope one day we'll be able to do something together."

While his band are renowned for their signature folk sound, Mumford expressed his desire to work on a number of different types of music. 

"I definitely wanna make as many types of music as I can before I die — 'cause I'm just a music fan," he said. 

"I'm not a purist. I love too many types of music to be able to call myself a purist. And I respect purists."

Mumford & Sons will head to the country next month to kick off a national tour — for more details, head to theGuide