Melb Band Caught In Spotify Controversy: 'Fuck You For Ripping Off An Indie Band'

29 February 2016 | 10:30 am | Neil Griffiths

I Am Duckeye call out unknown person.

Melbourne outfit I Am Duckeye have accused an as yet unidentified person for uploading their upcoming album, Songs From The Gunt, to Spotify over the weekend without their knowledge and subsequently will now have to prove to the music streaming service that they are the authentic band. 

In a Facebook statement posted on Saturday, the punk rock group revealed that "some douche-canoe" uploaded the album just a week before it was set to be released on 4 March.  

"It's hard enough to make a band work without this happening," the statement reads.

"Now we have to contact Spotify, prove we are THE BAND, have it taken off and then have the minute revenue stream redirected to us. Pain in the arse.

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"If you're a fan and you "wanted to help", DON'T do it this way. Or if you're the aforementioned douche-canoe, then Fuck You for ripping off an independent band."

Read the full statement below.

The news comes just a week before the band are set to embark on a national tour in support of the new record. 

The Music has contacted I Am Duckeye for further comment. 

For more details, check out the band's official website and for information on the national tour, head to theGuide.


****LAME NEWS****Some douche-canoe has uploaded "Songs From The Gunt" to Spotify a week before us.It's hard enough...

Posted by I am Duckeye on Saturday, 27 February 2016