Meet The Shady Records Rapper Touring With Eminem In Australia: 'He's Changing My Life'

27 February 2019 | 1:22 pm | Staff Writer

"He just let me do my thing."

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Some may be familiar already and some may have only caught up after checking out Eminem's current Australian stadium tour but as the rap God himself says, we all need to "keep an eye on" Compton hip hop artist Boogie.

Opening for Eminem on all dates of the Rapture tour, Shady Records signing Boogie only dropped his debut album, Everythings For Sale, last month despite releasing his first mixtape in 2014. 

The video for his single, Rainy Days, cracked over one million views on YouTube in less than 48 hours following its release last week. It has since amassed over four million views.

Appearing on The Music Podcast, Boogie said he was cautious when he first heard Marshall Mathers was interested in his work. 

"[My A&R manager] was, like, so casual with it. He was just like, 'I think Eminem's trying to mess with you. I think he wants to sign you,'" Boogie recalled.

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"In this game, people will tell you anything and it never comes through... but then, maybe, the next day or two I was in Detroit."

Boogie said though Eminem was heavily involved in the recording of his debut LP, he gave the 29-year-old hip hop artist creative freedom.

"... When I realised he just loved me as an artist and who I am already, he just wanted to see me grow naturally and not have his hand on that," he said.

"He just let me do my thing."

Aussie fans would have seen Boogie's show this past month, as well as even join Eminem on stage to perform their Rainy Days collab.

"I didn't even know I was gonna do that shit in Brisbane!" Boogie laughed.

"They told me a little bit before [Eminem] performed. It was crazy."

Check out the full episode of The Music Podcast with Boogie below or on iTunes. Eminem's Australian tour wraps up in Perth tonight. Head to theGuide for more details.