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Mammoth Mammoth Sign With Austria's Napalm Records

14 September 2012 | 6:30 pm | Mat Lee

The metal rockers who are “more awesome than God’s tits” have been picked up in Europe.

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Melbourne's Mammoth Mammoth have officially inked a record deal with Austrian label Napalm Records, and have a European tour scheduled for next year.

The band, who describe themselves as “the hairiest and loudest band in the world” already have loyal fan-bases spawning throughout Europe, Scandinavia and South America. This new relationship has now allowed Mammoth Mammoth to plan a European tour for mid-2013.

Napalm Records' A&R Sebastian Muench believes the band is a great addition to the label. “Mammoth Mammoth's sound combines everything a rocker, metal head & stoner's heart could possibly desire. Here at the Napalm Headquarters we have been drinking and head banging to the sound of "Vol. III - Hell's Likely” for the last couple weeks!”