Kylie Minogue & Sia Set To Release Disco Duet 'Dance Alone'

30 January 2024 | 1:42 pm | Mary Varvaris

"Do my ears deceive me or is that Kylie Minogue featured on this Sia song?! Oh, we are getting fed..."

Kylie Minogue, Sia

Kylie Minogue, Sia (Source: Supplied)

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Two of Australia’s reigning pop queens, Kylie Minogue and Sia are set to release a collaborative disco tune, Dance Alone.

According to a new report in The Sun’s Bizarre column, an insider commented, “Sia called on Kylie to work on Dance Alone, and it’s a really anthemic, dance-style track.

“They are good friends, and their voices work really well together. Dance Alone is coming out next month, but Sia allowed Kylie to play it before a show in Vegas, and the audience loved it.”

And it’s true that Minogue has indeed played Dance Alone over the loudspeaker on nights during her Las Vegas residency, with fans sharing snippets of the song on social media that you can check out below.

Dance Alone seems to be going down well for fans who have already heard the song. One fan exclaimed, “just woke up to kylie x sia????”, while another wrote, “kylie is the best feature sia could ever have”.

The excitement continued for these two fans, who wrote, “I still can’t process it that we’re about to have a disco bop from sia and kylie and it’s so good and catchy omg” and “do my ears deceive me or is that kylie minogue featured on this sia song?! oh we are getting fed”.

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According to fans who heard the song before it was released, Dance Alone is set to drop on Wednesday, 7 February. So, watch this space.

The news about Dance Alone has dropped as Lostboy, producer of Minogue’s hit Padam Padam, recently revealed that the song almost went to Rita Ora.

“We wrote Padam in February 2022, and there were maybe four or five months of us sitting on it, then I sent it to their label, and someone suggested to me, ‘Kylie would kill this,’” Lostboy said in an interview.

Lostboy continued, “They were unsure, and there was a moment when Rita was going to cut it, and it was worming around a few artists on that label. They were trying to make it work, but they didn’t think it was for Kylie.”

Describing his delight at Kylie putting her own spin on the track and owning it, the producer added, “I was surprised at how confident she was that she could make it, that it would fit for her, but I think of her as someone who is so good at reinventing. It feels modern, but it also feels like Kylie.”

Rita Ora recently released the new song Shape Of Me with another Australian music icon, Keith Urban.