KYE, The Vanns & More: This Week's Best New Music

12 May 2023 | 1:11 pm | Emma Whines

Each week we track down the best new music and curate it into our 'Hit List' playlist for all our readers to enjoy. Today, we've selected our top picks of the week to celebrate the songs that stood out in the crowd.

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Kye, Budjerah - Heavy Love

The incredible KYE is back with a new banger of a tune in the form of Heavy Love, a perfect blend of pop, R&B and afrobeat influences. The song has been a long-time favourite at KYE’s live show, and now she’s recruited the incredible vocals of Budjerah to add that extra oomph. Still staying true to her R&B routes, this new track and the forthcoming album is a purposeful shift into the realm of pop and dance, with KYE wanting to invoke a feeling of fun and joy at her shows. Heavy Love is the final release before her sophomore E.P, Ribena, is out May 26.

The Vanns - Last Of Your Kind

Pivoting from their original indie rock vibes, The Vanns have brought in a new era with their newest single Last Of Your Kind, which chases an anthemic sound and brings in a new maturity. Akin to Gang Of Youths and Arcade Fire, this song is built for a festival and invoking that feeling of something more. Singer and guitarist Jimmy Vann said that the new track is about “living the most fruitful and spontaneous life you possibly can, in saying that, there is also no hiding the fact that we can all hit rock bottom, but you will always make it out the other side.” 

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The Amity Affliction, phem - Not Without My Ghosts

Today, The Amity Affliction released their hotly anticipated album, Not Without My Ghosts, and its accompanying title track is still most definitely a fan favourite. Seen as one of the 'softest' songs on the album, Not Without My Ghosts ft. Phem lays a bed of acoustic guitar, swelling strings and a killer harmonic electric guitar riff that allows Ahren Stringer’s clean vocal to shine. Joel Birch comes in with some screams as soon as the song quietens, with a keyboard leading to crushing guitars and further grieving yells towards the end of the track. Lyrically, the song is one of their best, telling the story of an adult dealing with a lifelong battle with major depressive disorder, but they know that giving up on staying alive is not an option.

Tash Sultana - New York

Tash Sultana has unveiled her next single, New York, next to a hefty international tour that will see them travel to Europe, The UK, and North America. Sonically, New York shifts from Sultan’s previously guitar-centred style and adds a level of pop-groove we scarcely see from them. Recently, they chatted with The Music about creating more music, letting go of all expectations, and concentrating on their inner circle. "Honestly? Achieving the headspace that I'm in is my proudest achievement – 'cause I think you can paint your life a million different colours but, if your perspective is bleak from within, then you're never gonna be where you wanna be” You can read the whole interview here. 

Haiku Hands, Ribongia - Nunchucka

Australian alt-dance trio Haiku Hands have come into the ring swinging with their new song Nunchucka, which manages to hit every alt-dance groove you could imagine. Dynamic, lyrically important and electrifyingly fun, Nunchaka is as addictive as it is thoughtful. The trio describe the song as “A supercharged, high energy, self-affirmation anthem for anyone who wants to wipe off the patriarchal stain of self-loathing”, and there really is no better explanation than that. We’ll see you vibing out on the dancefloor to this one.