Kehlani Stops Sydney Show After Punter Suffer From Heat Distress

27 January 2023 | 12:04 pm | Mary Varvaris

The R&B artist reportedly halted the show four times after attendees appeared unwell.

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American R&B artist Kehlani abruptly ended their Hordern Pavilion concert on Wednesday night after fans suffered from heat distress. With temperatures around 30 degrees outside, the indoor venue quickly became heated.

In a video captured by a fan on TikTok, Kehlani asked if someone in the crowd needed help. "Somebody passed out, and I got pass out trauma," the Beautiful Lies singer said after stopping the music.

The Daily Telegraph also reported that Kehlani stopped the show "four times" after witnessing a fan looking unwell.

The publication noted that Kehlani was aware of the indoor temperatures and was concerned about it: "It’s hot in here. We are trying to get through this [the set list] as quick as possible," they said.

Kehlani commented after ending the show abruptly, "Y’all know that I love y’all to death and I wouldn’t let that be the way that I leave here. I wanna make sure that this person is okay. It’s going to take a little while. Other people need help, so we’re gonna have to ask everybody to leave." 

In September 2020, Kehlani signed with Mushroom Music Publishing.

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The signing followed the release of their acclaimed LP It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum singer-songwriter’s second studio album.

“I’m so happy to be with Mushroom, I feel like I picked a company that has a great track record and an amazing team,” Kehlani said.

“Kehlani is an R&B, and pop trailblazer, an advocate for women, inclusive and compassionate,” Mushroom Music Publishing Managing Director Linda Bosidis added.

“Unafraid to speak their mind, they use their platform to uplift others and bring awareness. Acknowledging the traditional owners of Australia, Kehlani wore a First Nations Flag t-shirt when they toured here. Their live shows are energetic and their songwriting supreme. At 25 they have accomplished so much already and constantly raising the bar.

“It’s a privilege to represent Kehlani in Australia & New Zealand. They are an authentic artist and a gifted writer with boundless creative vision. It’s that same authenticity and creativity which we are truly passionate about and feel closely aligned with. We couldn’t be prouder to be working together."