Jamie xx Releases First Single In Two Years, 'Let's Do It Again'

13 April 2022 | 9:16 am | Staff Writer

Its journey is one that features tension, drama and catharsis.

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Jamie xx has released his first new music in over two years. LET'S DO IT AGAIN is the first piece of original music from the artist following his 2020 released single Idontknow. The track serves as a glimpse of what's to come over the next year from the London artist and DJ.

Sonically, Jamie xx transforms the traditional house genre and format into his constantly engaging and anthemic territory. Its journey is one that features tension, drama and catharsis, and acts as a joyous call to arms and DJ tool built around a soulful vocal sample and gorgeous piano chords. 

Having refined the track during DJ sets around the world last year, the single has landed at a point where it perfectly slots into his live set for shows across the UK, Europe and US and is set to become a Jamie xx live classic in no time. 

Unfortunately, there is no indication so far if the track is a part of, or will feature on the follow-up to his critically adored, Grammy, Mercury Prize and Brit Awards nominated debut record In Colour. 

Recently, Jamie xx has collaborated with fellow The xx member Oliver Sim, producing his debut single Romance With A Memory and the recent follow-up Fruit. 

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