'Incredibly Stressful & Deflating': The Last Martyr Detail Six-Month Battle With Hackers

3 June 2024 | 2:30 pm | Mary Varvaris

"We have followed up with Meta weekly and sometimes DAILY on this for months but nothing has worked."

The Last Martyr

The Last Martyr (Credit: Electrum Photography)

Melbourne alt-metal band The Last Martyr have detailed a six-month battle against social media hackers. They are asking their fans to sign up for their mailing list to stay up to date with their happenings, especially if they need to make new profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

The Last Martyr are currently promoting their latest single, The Nihilist, released on 24 May, and just wrapped up an accompanying tour in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. According to the band, the hacker continues to fight back, and the band currently don’t have access to Meta Business Suite, meaning that they can’t schedule posts and advertisements when promoting new music.

“Around 6 months ago we discovered our Facebook page had been hacked,” the band wrote. Revealing that they lost “full admin access” on Meta Business Suite and their access to their account has been “downgraded,” The Last Martyr explained that the incident means they can’t run ads securely as “bots have control over our Facebook page”.

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The band added that they’ve been “fighting” with Meta for six months, which has led to them “submitting countless forms of ID, legal documentation and stat-decs” and consulted with high-profile digital marketing agencies “to no avail.”

They continued, “We have followed up with Meta weekly and sometimes DAILY on this for months but nothing has worked.

“With The Nihilist release we have fought harder that ever with Meta to get the hacker removed and our own access restored. The hacker is fighting back, today [3 June] removing ALL access we have to Business Suite which means we can't even submit a Support Ticket to Meta anymore. They also added randoms to control our Facebook Page which have equal access to us - the ACTUAL owners of this band/business.”

Since the situation has worsened, The Last Martyr claim that there’s a “strong chance” they’ll lose access to their account or be forced to delete it and start over.

“Trying to get this resolved has been incredibly stressful and deflating as you can imagine,” the band wrote. “We will lose 5 years of blood sweat and tears in building this Page to connect with you all. We will also lose all the data it contains which is a huge set back in terms of data loss e.g. being able to target attendees of past shows in future ads, and too much more to mention.”

To help deal with the stress and possible deletion of their Facebook and Instagram pages, The Last Martyr urged their fans to sign up for their mailing list. “This way, we can still keep you up to date, especially if/when we make a new Facebook Page. It's FREE and takes 10 seconds.”

The band will also give away a free merch pack containing a signed photo to a fan who signs up within the next week. Thanking their fans for their support, the band concluded that it was shared by the band members – Mon, Vin, Ricky, and Ben—“the ONLY admins who SHOULD be on this page.”

The band later added that they’ve lost all access to Meta, taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) and writing: “Our facebook page was hacked 6 months ago and since then it’s been an endless battle with @Meta to get it back. Today it all came to a head when we finally lost what little control we had to a fake account.”

You can sign up for The Last Martyr’s mailing list here.

In addition to The Nihilist, The Last Martyr’s latest releases include the singles Antidote, Burn It Down, Freestyler, and Comedy/Tragedy.

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