Hungry Kids Vocalist Opens Up On Side Project

6 April 2013 | 9:10 am | Alex Wilson

Dean McGrath won’t say if he’ll ever release the material though.

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They're just released their second album and are about to embark on a big tour around the country, but could indie pop favourites Hungry Kids Of Hungary be set for a hiatus in the near future?

It seems lead vocalist and guitarist Dean McGrath has some personal music aspirations of his own – none though that should leave us too worried about the band.

“Once the whole album stuff's done, I'm sort of personally still writing some stuff. But it's not necessarily Hungry Kids Of Hungary songs. It's a little personal pet project of mine. I don't know whether it's going to be released or if I'll actually do anything with it. It's just cleansing the palette between Hungry Kids records. I just want to write a bunch of stuff that just belongs to me, I guess. Bit of a vanity project.”

We wonder if any of McGrath's solo work or new Hungry Kids material in the future will be influenced by some of their self proclaimed “daggy” roadtrip mixtapes they play when they are out on tour.

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“We've got big driving weeks, so we like to make mixed CDs,” said McGrath.

 “And it's usually our drummer [Ryan Strathie] who makes them and they're usually daggy as hell, like purposely daggy as hell. So, we had like the '80s hair-metal band tour CD, and we've had the really cheesy '90s R&B tour CD. So, yeah, it's always good to have some super-corny CD to sing along to in the van, when you're starting to get cabin fever.”

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