Hungry Kids Of Hungary Have Split Up, Effective Immediately

28 November 2013 | 3:00 pm | Staff Writer

The band couldn't continue without a key member.

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Brisbane indie-pop band Hungry Kids Of Hungary have announced today that they will no longer continue as a band.

The band's Dean McGrath issued a statement this afternoon, saying that fellow member Kane Mazlin's decision to leave the band is the reason behind the split, with the band unwilling to continue without him.

“Earlier this year our friend and bandmate Kane [Mazlin] informed us that he no longer wished to lead the life of touring and band commitments that we've become accustomed to. While obviously saddened by the news, we knew ultimately that we couldn't change his mind and had to respect his decision.

“We entertained the idea of continuing without him, but have come to the conclusion that it's just not possible. Hungry Kids has always been a collaborative effort between its four founding members, and if you take one piece of the puzzle away the resulting picture is just incomplete. It doesn't work.”

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The band pulled out of their Falls and Southbound commitments earlier this week, a move that McGrath has said was regrettable but necessary.

“Apologies to anyone who was hoping to see us at Falls and Southbound over New Years. We were hoping those shows would be a fitting last hurrah but it's just not meant to be.”

Formed in 2007, the band have released two LPs – 2010's Escapades and this year's You're A Shadow – and toured the world relentlessly, achieving great success in a number of territories.

The statement finishes with final thanks to the people who have helped the band achieve all they had over the past six years and to the fans who had supported them, promising that there would be more music from the band's members in the future.

“Thanks to all the people who've helped make the last six years so incredible for us. Our amazing manager Ben Preece, Ange Kohler and all who've worked with us at Mucho Bravado, our beautiful sound guy Andy Troy, our touring guitarist and total legend Alex Bennison, Rob G and the team at Select, Andy Bryan and all at Stop Start, the amazing people at Alberts Music, our ever patient partners, friends and families….the list goes on. If you've played a part in the life of the band we sincerely thank you and hope our friendships are far from over.

“To anyone who ever bought a record, came to a show and sang along in the crowd…we hope this band has meant something to you. It's been a privilege playing for you and we're forever thankful for your support, without which these past six years just wouldn't have happened. And rest assured, we're not all done making music yet. There's more to come, see you soon.”